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Saga Prefecture Travel GuideSaga Tourist Information 日本の四季めぐり
Yoshinogari Ancient Ruins≪Yoshinogari Historical Park≫
Saga tourist information≪Nijinomatsubara/Ariake Sea≫
ΘIntroducing attractive sightseeing spots in Saga. The tidal flats of the Ariake Sea, where the view changes beautifully throughout the four seasons, the terraced rice fields with beautiful scenery in various parts of Saga Prefecture, the beautiful scenery of Mikaeri no Taki and its surroundings, the Yoshinogari Historical Park full of history and mystery, the hot spring areas in various parts of Saga Prefecture These are famous tourist destinations.
Θ[(Karatsu City)Nijinomatsubara]Niji no Matsubara, which is one of the three major Matsubara in Japan along with Miho no Matsubara and Kehi no Matsubara, is about 4.5km long and about 0.5km wide.It is also famous for its scenic spots with about 1 million pine trees and a mysterious legend.
Θ[Ariake Sea]At low tide, the Ariake Sea, where vast tidal flats occupy about 40% of the nation's tidal flat area, is a habitat for a wide variety of creatures, including rare creatures that can only be seen in the Ariake Sea in Japan.
Θ[(Ureshino City)/Ureshino Onsen]Ureshino Onsen, which has many traditional inns, has a long history and is a hot spring town that makes you feel the atmosphere. It is a hot spring that has a reputation for being effective against various diseases. The texture of the water is also smooth. Yudoufu is also a special product of Ureshino Onsen.
Θ[(Takeo City)/Takeo Onsen]Takeo Onsen is said to be effective in relieving fatigue. Its origin is about 1,300 years ago. Also known as "Tsukasaki Onsen". The "Romon", which looks like a castle gate, is a symbol of Takeo Onsen.
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