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Okayama Tourist Information「岡山観光WEB」
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Kurashiki Tourist Information(Kurashiki Bikan Historical Area)
ΘIn the Kurashiki river, which was once crowded with the traffic of the river boat, the sightseeing river boat traveling through the cityscape with its atmosphere is running. Take the riverboat while watching the streets of white walls and its atmosphere, let us forget the daily bustle.
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Okayama Tourist Information(Okayama Korakuen Garden/Yubara Onsen)
Θ[Kurashiki Bikan Historical Area]Kurashiki Bikan Historical Area is located along the Kurashiki River, where you can enjoy the scenery of rows of willow trees and the atmosphere of traditional buildings.Kurashiki brand shops and cafes that have been converted from townhouses are located in a row, making it an ideal area to take a walk.
Θ[Yubara Onsen]Yubara Onsen is a hot spring with a high quality, highly alkaline quality and a smooth texture. It is a popular hot spring resort where you can enjoy natural open-air baths and other hot springs with different temperatures.
Θ[Okayama Korakuen Garden]Okayama Korakuen Garden is one of the three most famous gardens in Japan and you can see beautiful flowers throughout the four seasons. The garden is illuminated at night during the event.
Θ[Kuroshima Venus Road]A romantic sand path at low tide, Kuroshima Venus Road is a mysterious 800m long sand path created by nature and is a power spot for lovers.

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Okayama Tourist Information
ΘOkayama is a popular tourist destination famous for its magnificent nature and hot springs.In addition to natural scenery such as Kuroshima Venus Road, there are parks where you can enjoy the flowers and feel nature throughout the four seasons.In Okayama, you will find many sightseeing spots with beautiful flowers such as autumn leaves,fresh green,cherry blossoms, plum,etc.In addition, we recommend you to enjoy artistic places such as temples, museums or historic spots.
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