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Ehime Prefecture Travel GuideEhime Tourist Information 日本の四季めぐり
Ehime tourist information [Ehime-Guide]
The sightseeing information Ehime, please click here.≪一般社団法人 愛媛県観光物産協会≫
Ehime tourist information≪Imabari Castle/Atsuta Hot Spring≫
ΘIt has a lot of articles on famous places and sightseeing spots in Ehime: a large and beautiful castle built on the coast of Setouchi Inland Sea, Imabari Castle; Tsushima Yasuragi no Sato where you can relax and enjoy bathing surrounded by forests (Atsuta Hot Spring); Kirosan Tenbo Park;tide-watching ships; Ehime Children’s Castle; Ehime Zoological Park of Ehime Prefecture; and Komo Cape.
The sightseeing information Ehime, please click here.
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